The absence of stomach acid

Many people suffer with heartburn, indigestion, bloating and distress after eating that does not improve with antacids and medications designed to block the production of stomach acid.  Antacids and drugs that diminish normal acid secretion will fail to help the person whose symptoms are due to the inability to produce adequate stomach acid a common problem as we age.

Hydrochloric acid plays a key role in breaking down proteins before leaving the stomach.  Incompletely digested proteins and undigested amino acid chains in those with diminished hydrochloric acid production often trigger the immune system to respond to these protein chains as a foreign antigen.  This in turn can produce gas, bloating and heartburn.  Over the course of time it can lead to food sensitivities, joint inflammation and fatigue.  An unwanted consequence of further reduction in acid production is impaired ability to absorb vital vitamins and nutrients.  This deficit increases the risk of bone loss, mental deterioration and heart disease.

Enter Betaine Hydrochloride.

Betaine HCL can help boost low stomach acid output.  A simple test can help you identify whether you can benefit from betaine HCL.  Take one teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar.  If this helps ease your symptoms then betaine HCL can help you restore normal acid production.

Only use betaine HCL if there no other symptoms of acid reflux or severe burning after a meal.

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